The country has been mired in corruption for years

Madhyabindu Online

-Dr. DR Upadhyay,

All public servants in public office and all those in high positions should disclose their property details. Only then will honesty be seen. For a long time, the political leadership could not be honest and dedicated to the country and the people. The problem has arisen due to the inability of the political leadership to be dedicated to the country and the people. Today, the political leadership is becoming unpopular in the country. Leaders are hiding their wealth. The leaders have been busy hiding all the assets and giving details that there is nothing in their name.

The people are ashamed to see the lifestyle and pomp of the leaders. Even now, the prime minister and ministers are completely neglecting to make property details public. Everyone in public office should be able to show honesty by making their property details public. Now it is necessary to search the property details of each of the leaders who come to run the country. From the grassroots level, a campaign should be launched by putting strong pressure on them to make their property details public on a regular basis. The country has been mired in corruption for years.

Corruption is on the rise. Tomorrow the people will not forgive those who plunder the country together and bankrupt the country. You see, policy corruption is rampant today. The rulers are making the country poor with the connivance of the administrators. No one has paid attention to make the country prosperous and developed. From the center, the state and local governments themselves are becoming the arena of corruption. The political leadership is ready to do anything for its own benefit. At present, there are complaints that appointments in some of the ministries are being manipulated. Immovable property earned through corruption should be confiscated. Corruption is so widespread today that it is impossible to say.

Corruption has negatively affected the economic, social, political and environmental spheres. Corruption is rampant in Nepal because of the leaders. Strong political commitment is now needed to eradicate corruption.