2nd Global Tourism Conference Completed Grandly In Colombo, Sri Lanka

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The second Global Tourism Conference has been grandly completed in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. About 1 dozen artists, journalists, social activists and tourism businessmen from Nepal came to Colombo to participate in the ceremony held at Hotel Zest Metropole in Colombo. Sri Lankan tourism businessmen and social workers were also present in the program organized for the promotion of tourism in Sri Lanka and Nepal. The event was held under the chief hospitality of Nepali Ambassador to Sri Lanka Vasudev Mishra and was jointly organized by Nikila Media Network on behalf of Nepal and Sahodarathweya Piyasthahan Foundation on behalf of Sri Lanka.

Senior actor Uddhavraj Bhattarai, senior lyricist Pramod Bhattarai ‘Pratik’, writer Radhadevi Parajuli, hero Sreedev Bhattarai, communicator Raj Luitel, educationist Sanjay Dahal, social worker Ranjita Gurung, beautician Jayvisha Thapa who came to participate in the program with the special support of Isna Holidays and Sri Lankan Airlines. , Social Worker, Shanta Kumari Dahal, Educationist, Kaveri Dahal, Arushi Dahal, Tourism Businessmen Narendra Thapa, Ramesh Chhetri and some tourism entrepreneurs and social activists including Sri Lankan Nishanath Perera, Danuska Jayasinghe were also honored.

In the event, Sri Lankan tourism business speakers said that Sri Lankans portray Nepal as a major religious tourist destination and although the number of Sri Lankan tourists visiting Nepal has increased annually, the number of Nepali tourists visiting Sri Lanka from Nepal is low, so they are hopeful that the number of Nepali tourists visiting Sri Lanka will increase with this event.

Similarly, Nepali speakers also complained that Sri Lanka and Nepal have a very old relationship and both countries are known all over the world through Buddhism, but both countries have been freed from the turmoil they have experienced for a long time.

The chief guest Mishra thanked the organizing committee for choosing Sri Lanka to host this kind of excellent program and said that Sri Lankans have great love and respect for Nepalese people and behave respectfully saying that Nepalis are citizens of the Buddhist homeland. In the context that Sri Lanka is the most literate country in the world and thousands of people go out for education from Nepal every year, Nepali students can also benefit from scholarships from Sri Lanka.

Biswas Bhatt, second secretary of the Nepalese Embassy, ​​who was present at the event, wished the success of the program in the languages ​​of both countries and said that he is hopeful that this event will increase the number of tourists visiting Nepal from Sri Lanka, and the Nepalese Embassy is also planning to come up with a special plan for this.

Nikila Media Network has been holding Global Tourism Conferences in different countries every year for promoting tourism in Nepal. In a conference held last year in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, the president of the information organization Sonitraj Dhungel informed the citizens of Azerbaijan about Nepal that Nepal is the best destination in the world for tourists and invited Azerbaijanis to visit Nepal. The second conference held in Sri Lanka also said that the number of religious tourists from Sri Lanka will increase further in Nepal

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