5 Skin Care Tips in Winter

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If you’re facing difficulty keeping your skin healthy over the winter, check out these winter skin care tips. Although winter brings a beautiful climate, it also brings freezing temperatures and dry air, which could be rough on our skin. With less sun exposure and cooler weather leading your body to produce more oil, taking additional care of your skin is vital. Dr. Debeshi, clinical cosmetic and aesthetic expert share some tips to take care of your skin amidst winter.

1. Switch up your skincare products:
Contrary to popular belief, skincare should vary depending on the season. The skin may expect more of you as the environment changes. You should adjust your regimen accordingly. So, use a nice moisturizer and switch up your cleanser. Products that worked for your skin type in the summer may not work in winter. As a result, your skin care products should be adjusted properly. The secret to healthy, radiant winter skin is to use gentle skin care products. To prevent removing your skin’s protective natural moisture barrier, pick cleansers that also contain moisturizers.

2. Consider purchasing a humidifier:Winter brings drier air both inside and outside. This causes the water in your body to evaporate quickly. You must therefore maintain your skin’s moisture. You may also adjust the humidity in your home by installing a humidifier. If you have any dry patches on your skin, moisturize them. The easiest approach to accomplish this is to use a natural oil, such as avocado or olive oil. Apply a tiny amount of oil to the dry regions and massage in circular motions until the oil is absorbed by the skin. After applying the oil, add a moisturizer.

3. Use sunscreen: Even in the winter, regardless of the temperature, sunscreen is essential. Although the warm sunbeams are comforting, the UV rays can nevertheless do significant damage to your skin. Even on dark winter days, remember to protect yourself from UV radiation. Apply a broad-spectrum, high-SPF sunscreen. However, your lips, hands, legs, and feet demand the same attention as your facial skin. However, when going out, don’t forget to use lip balm.

4. Keep yourself hydrated: Everything you consume reflects on the outside. So remember to eat healthily and drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated by consuming plenty of fluids can be accomplished through nutrition to avoid dryness. While we are all aware of the need to be hydrated, many people forget to drink water when it is cold outside. Water intake helps in rehydrating the skin in the winter when it is unable to retain moisture as efficiently.

5. Keep your distance from the heater: It can aggravate the skin moisturiser for people with dry skin. Avoid using heaters like fireplaces and radiators. A hot room will dry out your skin and make it appear lifeless. If you have a fireplace in your home, keep it as low as possible with a fan going nearby to circulate the air. If you are unable to reduce the temperature of your heating system or radiator, wear long sleeves and slacks to keep warm.

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