Amber Heard Again in Legal Trouble?

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The Fairfax Court ordered that the famous actress had to pay a total of 10 million dollars in compensatory damages and another five million in punitive damages, which were reduced to 350,000 dollars due to a statutory limit in the state of Virginia.

TMZ has revealed that Heard countersued the insurance company, as she is claiming that she has to be covered by the million-dollar insurance policy.

Heard asked New York Marine and General Insurance Co. to use the policy to pay part of her debt with Depp. However, they refused to do so and sued Heard, since the jury indicated that she “committed an act of willful misconduct” and therefore the policy cannot be used.

According to some official documents, the actress claims that the company assured her that they would pay her defense costs of one million no matter what, because it was an “unconditional” agreement, one which they have not complied with.

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