Aruna Subedi starrer Hindi song ‘Dilke Pas Tum Ho’ released (Video)

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Kathmandu. The video of the Hindi song ‘Dilke Pas Tum Ho’ in the voice of singer Rabi Subedi has been released. Subedi, who is also a singer and a model, is accompanied by model Aruna Subedi in the video of the Hindi song released on her YouTube channel Rabi Subedi.

The song has lyrics and music by Bikas Chaudhary, arranged by Sanjay Hamal and mixed and recorded by Dipesh Singh. Shailes Shrestha Lubhu has shot and edited the video which was shot in picturesque locations of Kirtipur and Kathmandu.

Raj Maharjan was the production manager and Kushum Karmacharya was the make-up artist for the video, which was jointly conceptualized and directed by Raj Maharjan and Rupendra Shrestha. The video of some mashup songs of Hindi version of Subedi, who is active in Nepali song music even in America, has already been released. Dozens of songs by singer Subedi, who has been active in the music industry for a long time, have been released.
Similarly, this is the first Hindi song video of Aruna Subedi, who has been active in the modeling field for a long time.

Model Subedi, who has presented skillful acting ability in various commercials, fashion shows and music videos, is currently creating a separate identity as a business and social worker.

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