Bajhang Earthquake: 7 Big Quakes in 3 Hours

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Earthquakes have occurred several times today with the epicenter in Bajhang.

According to the National Earthquake Measurement and Research Center, the biggest shock occurred at 3:06 p.m. with a magnitude of 6.3.

Before that, there was a 5.3 magnitude earthquake at 2:40 p.m., which was the first. “After 3:06 p.m., there were 3-4 aftershocks above 4,” said Chintan Timsina, a seismologist at the Center. According to the center, an earthquake of magnitude 4.1 occurred at 3:45 and 4:28, and at 4:31 and 4.3 and at 5:19 and 5:38.


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