Dang Flood: 2 People Rescued, 1 Missing

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One of the people trapped in the Rapti river in Dang has gone missing and two have been rescued safely. Among those trapped in the flood of Rapti in Lamhi municipality 7 Hasnapur, two people have been rescued safely and one person has gone missing.


Among the three people who went to Lamhi to sell milk, 18-year-old Rajkumar Yadav of Rajpur Rural Municipality 2 went missing after being swept away by the flood while returning, police said. Police Assistant Inspector Prakash Dhakal informed that security personnel deployed from Armed Police Force No. 41 Reserve Gang Arjun Khola rescued 48-year-old Tularam Yadav and 40-year-old Dayaram Yadav, residents of Rajpur 2.

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