Dr. Upadhyay was handed over the certificate of Guinness Book of World Records for songs in 50 international languages

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World record songwriter Dr. DR Upadhyay/Khanal has set a world record by releasing a song in fifty international languages. On Wednesday, a program was organized in the capital and the certificate of the song, which set the Guinness Book of World Records, was handed over to him. Urban Development Minister Metmani Chaudhary handed over the certificate to him. Composed by Santosh Shrestha, the song has Santosh’s voice in Nepali, DR’s voice in Hindi and Prakash Timlisina’s voice in others.

Lyrics Nepali, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, English, Russian, Korean, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Thai, Mauritian, Urdu, Swedish, Croatian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Bengali, Sanskrit, Estonian, Vietnamese, Dutch, Sinhalese, Slovenian , Indonesian, Romanian, Finnish, Peruvian, Turkish, Greek, Filipino, Albanian, Ukrainian, Afrikaans, Slovakian, Serbian, Panamanian, Norwegian, Icelandic, Burmese, Colombian, Kurdish, Swahili, Polish, Bolivian, Hungarian, Danish, Latvian and Armenian It is in the language.

In the program presided over by Kedarnath Khanal, President of Khanal Society, Radheshyam Lekali, current president of International Nepali Literature Society, Chundamani Devkota, current president of Songwriters Association, former Ambassador Ramesh Prasad Khanal gave congratulatory speeches. They Dr. He praised Upadhyaya’s work as making Nepal known to the world.

Composer Santosh Shrestha said that he was very happy that the song has been published in fifty languages ​​and it has set a world record. Upadhyaya said that it was born while trying to do something new and different every time.
Chief Guest Minister Metmani Chaudhary. Dr. He said that Upadhyay has amazing ability and he is setting records. He now Dr. He said that Upadhyaya’s amazing ability is the subject of everyone’s search and his ability should be properly respected and appreciated.
The composer of the same song. Upadhyaya claimed that he was doing different work not only for himself but also to make his society and country known.

On that occasion, the certificate of the world record of the novel “Virus Love” which was launched in Tilicho Himal was also presented to Dr. Upadhyay was handed over. Similarly, Dr. Upadhyaya was presented with a certificate of congratulations by Minister Chaudhary, while Dr. Upadhyaya also presented a sign of love to Minister Chaudhary. Dr. who previously set 108 world records in music and various genres. Upadhyaya’s number of world records has reached 110. The function facilitated by media person Naresh Bhattarai was attended by media persons and various people from the music industry.

Dr. who set many world records by creating music and literature. Upadhyay is the first Nepali founder. Record Dr. Hundreds of songs from Upadhyaya’s 28 albums are among sources/audiences. Similarly, his ‘Thunderbolts’, ‘Yagi’, ‘Bhakyachakra’, ‘Unholy Shadows’, ‘Swarthi’, ‘Bituli’, ‘Atririkta’, ‘Dagabaaz’, ‘Adhuro Prem’, ‘Queen of Dreams’, ‘Coffee Love’ , novels like ‘Meri Priya’ and Virus Love have come to readers. Similarly, it is said that his new novel ‘Kasoor’ will be released soon.

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