Global Kayasth’s ‘First Cross Border Interaction’

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The Global Kayastha Conference Nepal held its first cross-border interaction in the capital. Rajeev Ranjan, president of Global Kayastha, was present as the chief guest. The program was chaired by the president of Global Kayasth Nepal. It was done by Poonam Karna. At the same time, Global Kayastha Conference spokesperson Mitesh Karna said that this conference will strengthen the friendship between Nepal and India. Mitesh informed that the event is going to be held for the first time in Nepal and more than 30 participants from India are participating.

In the event, Nepali Congress leader Bimalendra Nidhi said that it is a matter of pride to have the World Kayastha Conference in Nepal. On behalf of the Nepali Congress, leader Nidhi congratulated and welcomed everyone. He also invited Rajiv Ranjan to come to Nepal politically. Ratish Chandra Lal, President of Nepal Chitragupta Samaj congratulated him and said that Chitransh is a very old institution of Nepal. It was informed that this organization has been active in Nepal for 50 years. , Chairman of the Madhesi Commission, Vijay Kumar Dutt, former Supreme Court Hon’ble Girish Chandra Lal, present Judge Anil Sinha were also present. Similarly, 20 leaders of the Kayastha community were placed on the platform.

At the beginning, while giving a welcome note, Kaushal said that Ham should be made a Kayastha tree, under which all Kayasthas should be connected.
Global Kayastha President Rajeev Ranjan, Trustee Ragini Ranjan, Global Kayastha Senior Vice President Akhilesh Kumar Shri Vasa, Subhrashun Shekhar, General Secretary Anil Sinha and senior personalities Vijay Dutt, Kamal Narayan Das, Vrikhes Chandra Lal Karn, Ratis Suman, Kaushlendra Kumar Das, Savita Rubi, Ranjit Karna, Pankaj Karna, Deepak Dutt, Hirendra Karna, Satish Karna, Hemu Mallik, Mitesh Karna, Ashutosh Karna, Dr. Suman Karna and Kamlesh Karna were present. The program was conducted by Poonam Das who thanked them. President of Global Kayasth Nepal Dr. Poonam Karna gave a sign of love to the personalities present and thanked all those who contributed significantly to make the program a success. In the end, he gave his speech and discussed the global issue.Global kayastha conference organization is based on seven core values service ,collaboration ,communication ,Coordination Simplicity ,Positivity and Sensitivity with Sole Aim of Uniting, inspiring and Uplifting Kayastha community at Global level said Dr. Poonam karna .

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