Has Johny Depp Forgiven Amber Heard

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Johnny Depp wasted many years of his life embroiled in legal battles against Amber Heard. It all began when she accused him of domestic violence in 2016. She also gained a restraining order and filed for divorce. But did you know? His late friend Shane MacGowan had advised him to forgive his ex-wife. Scroll below for the unknown details!

Irish singer-songwriter Shane MacGowan died from pneumonia on November 30, 2023. He was 65 and breathed his last at his home in Dublin with his wife by his side. His funeral was held yesterday (December 8), and many celebrities, including Nick Cave, Bob Geldof, Aidan Gillen, and johny,paid their last respects.

Shane MacGowan’s wife shared, “I hope you don’t mind me saying this, Johnny. When Johnny had a court case involving his ex-wife Amber, Shane had a long conversation with you, didn’t he? And urged you to forgive Amber. Yeah, he just thought it was the best thing to do because he believed genuinely in forgiveness.” Following this, Victoria asked Johnny Depp, “I’m sure you have by now, haven’t you? Of course, you have, of course you have.” Well, it looks like Johnny Depp has truly moved on and holds no bad blood for his ex-wife Amber Heard! The PTC actor also read out a prayer during the live-streamed funeral service. Johnny was really close to the Pogues’ lead vocalist. In fact, many wouldn’t know, but he was also a part of Shane MacGowan’s wedding in 2018.


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