How Much Aquaman 2 Collected ?

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Initially, there was a fear that after The Marvels, even Aquaman 2 would end its run on an embarrassing note at the North American box office by not crossing $100 million. But the film has finally managed to join the $100 million club domestically and will earn a few more million before ending the run. As of now, it is standing at $100.02 million. $300 million and counting at the worldwide box office!

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom raked in $30.3 million during its third-weekend run. Compared to the last weekend, it’s a drop of 40%, but still, it’s a decent number. With this, the film has gone up to $334.82 million at the worldwide box office, as per Box Office Mojo. In this global sum, the domestic run has contributed $100.02 million, and the overseas run has churned out $234.80 million.

Aquaman 2 is scheduled to release in Japan next weekend and will help the film increase its worldwide tally. The first Aquaman installment did a business of $14.80 million in Japan, so it’ll be interesting to see how part 2 performs.

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