Johnny Depp will Not be Going to Court Again

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Johnny Depp will not be going to court again. Following his massive win against ex-wife Amber Heard in their USD 50 million defamation lawsuit, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor was reeled into another lawsuit with location manager Greg “Rocky” Brooks on his 2018 film City of Lies who accused Depp of assault. Now, new information suggests that a motion to settle the lawsuit has been set up.

On Monday, a notice of settlement was filed with the court. The deal requires Depp to fulfil unspecified terms of settlement under a set period of time, in this case, it places Depp on a clock till the end of August. The filing paper reads, “The settlement agreement conditions dismissal of this matter on the satisfactory completion of specified terms that are not to be performed within 45 days of the date of the settlement. A request for dismissal will be filed no later than 1/5/2023,” per The Hollywood Reporter. The suit will reopen if Depp does not follow through with the terms of the settlement while the trial for the case was set to start later in July.

Meanwhile, Johnny has another lawsuit to take care of. On July 8, Amber Heard, who refuses to back down from her claims even after losing her case, filed new legal documents through her legal team. The Aquaman starlet’s side alleged that a wrong person served on the jury duty in the Johnny Depp defamation case. Following the Heard team’s filing, Depp’s team responded by asking the court to strike their “frivolous” accusations.

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