K-Pop World Tout Revenues Are Unbelievable

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During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, K-Pop concerts and tours were, of course, halted for quite some time. Many artists struggled to make ends meet due to the restrictions of the time, and creative solutions like online concerts and other virtual activities became more popular during this time.

Now that things have calmed down in terms of the pandemic, however, world tours from several different K-Pop artists have quickly been announced and performed, with 2022-2023 seeing what seems to be record numbers of concerts and attendees of these events.

Because of this sudden spike in K-Pop world tours, the revenue that they’ve brought in for their concerts has never been higher. Major acts like BLACKPINK, SEVENTEEN, and Stray Kids really showed just how popular they are among international fans with their tour income, showing that they’re definitely successful outside of their home country

Between the eight highest-profiting K-Pop world tours of 2022-2023, their total revenue is an astounding over $400 million USD. Here’s a breakdown of each of these eight tours.

BLACKPINK brought in the most total profit by far, breaking the $150 million USD mark with their multi-continent BORN PINK tour

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