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Kristen Stewart is a name that needs no introduction in Hollywood. From her teen romance supernatural Twilight series to her relationship with Robert Pattinson and then the cheating rumours, she had been all over the news once. The actress started at a very young age but didn’t want her peers to be aware of her acting career during her teenage years and once when her schoolmates called her a b*tch after finding out. Here’s what happened.

Stewart’s fame became unparalleled after the Twilight series, but that was just the beginning for her, and she went on to notable films like Lizzie, American Ultra and others. The actress came under the brunt of people after her controversial breakup with The Batman star.

The actress was not the one to beat her drums, and she preferred to keep her life as an actor under wraps during her teenage years; but unfortunately, it did not stay hidden for long, and when her friends found out about it, they started bullying her and calling her names. Kristen Stewart once, in an interview with the Mirror, shared those trying times when she was called a b*tch for being in the profession of acting.

Kristen Stewart said, “I was never the type of girl to walk around talking about being an actress, so I didn’t get a whole lot of s*** until someone found out. I was playing it down, but I definitely got, ‘Oh, she’s such a b****’ I was like, ‘You’ve never spoken to me, but you think I’m a b****? Great’.” For the unversed, Stewart left school at the age of fourteen to pursue acting.

Presently on the professional front, the Twilight star will be seen in the biopic of American writer Susan Sontag, titled ‘Sontag’. Kristen Stewart is all set to step in her shoes, and speaking about her role, producer of the film Gabrielle Tana said, “It will be a drama but with a documentary aspect to it. Kirsten has a wonderful approach to storytelling, and this is reflective of that so that she will use the documentary in it.”

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