Leaders of political parties should be truthful

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– Dr. D. R. Upadhyay Khanal,

Now the leaders of the political parties must come clean. It is the parties that save democracy. Democracy is not strong until the parties come together. To strengthen democracy, parties should also come together. Today, the political situation in the country is not going so well. People are very disappointed. Political parties are misleading people. Now the people should be aware. Today, the level of awareness of the people has increased a lot.

Today’s people are going to rule the country. The people will decide for themselves in the upcoming elections. Now there is a need for voters to be aware. Now is the time to make people aware and aware. The political parties did not worry about making the country. The parties should learn lessons from the recently concluded local level elections and move forward. The party and its leaders have always remembered the Nepali people. People should wake up against the corrupt tendencies of the leaders. Now the country is not built in the old way.

Gone are the days of bowing down to people. The parties should be serious about making the future of the country and the people. That situation is not seen yet. In the upcoming elections, we should campaign to win people who are better than us. Good people are needed to build a country. If the wrong people dominate politics, there will be problems. Today there is a big problem in the country. To solve the problems of the country, good people should win the elections. There was only too much talk in politics, but nothing was applied in practice. It was just a game for the leaders to sway the people.

Problems will continue until all Nepali people are aware and awake. Now, in the coming elections, the responsibility of stopping the old leaders and winning over the new generation of youth is in the hands of Ammatdat. Now is the time for voters to be aware. Voters should make a proper decision in the election. The campaign to defeat the wrong people is in the hands of the voters. Now it is not enough to talk, it has to be shown in behavior.

The future of the country is to be made according to the time and situation. It is the duty and responsibility of the common voters to win good candidates. Good candidates win, the country wins. This is our duty. An honest leader is needed to build a country. We have not yet found an honest leader. This is unfortunate for us. Leaders can be born according to time and demand. We have to understand this.

Nepali people are waiting for time and demand. That day will surely come. Land is the demand of time. We have moved according to the time. Today’s age is the age of technology. Today we are playing with technology. This is the game of our fate.

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