Liberation is the only purpose of life: Acharya Prashant

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Acharya Prashant answered the questions asked by the devotees in a two-day workshop on “Kaal” in Rishikesh Rishikesh. Acharya Prashant, the founder of PrashantAdvait Foundation and former civil services officer, gave a Vedantic explanation of ‘Kaal’ i.e. time in a two-day workshop organized in Rishikesh. Inquisitors from many states of India participated in this workshop. Many seekers around the world participated in this workshop through online platform. Acharya Prashant said that the science of flow of time has to be understood. The relation between thought and time has to be seen clearly, only then we will be able to make proper use of life’s most valuable resource, time. Acharya Prashant said that prioritizing the Karma arising from the right center is a very effective way of managing time. He said that we forget that we have limited time. And as a result of this mistake, we fill our life with wrong deeds and decisions and keep on avoiding the right deeds. Acharya Prashant said that it is necessary to recognize the importance of time. Thoughts, fantasies, beliefs are all issues of the past. To give right direction to life, one has to get out of illusion only then one can face higher challenges, otherwise one will waste his life getting entangled in small issues.

He explained the real meaning of present and how everything is constantly changing and some is never stable, Acharya Prashant, founder of PrashantAdvait Foundation and former civil service officer, said that spirituality is the only way to get rid of sorrow. People do not accept sorrow, so they are surrounded by deep frustration and despair. When sadness is accepted, then sadness also starts to end slowly. He said that many ‘motivational’ gurus are roaming in the world market; And this motivation is causing people’s depression. There has never been so much depression as it is happening today. Those who fix a limited scope for themselves remain tied to it for the whole life – the same house, family, children, job, life ends in that. Acharya Prashant said that today man is facing pain and suffering even after seeing everything, but is not ready to improve.

He said that loneliness is becoming the main cause of unhappiness today, whereas the real loneliness is internal. Different types of thoughts running in the mind cause sorrow, the main reason for this is inner hollowness, it is due to mental reason only. He also said that, that which leads you to liberation is spirituality. This should also be the first goal of a human being. Thoughts will continue to run in the mind, it is to be seen from where the thought is arising. He said that today the world is standing on the verge of destruction but we are still not able to understand. In the name of religion, all kinds of images are planted in our mind whereas the only goal of the soul should be liberation. We have made fun of the sages as well. We have not been able to understand them till today. During the session, Kabir bhajans and Ramcharit Manas’s Chaupai were also sung, which made the whole atmosphere spiritual.

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