Madhav Nirdosh’s‘Paschatap’ (video)

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The music video of ‘Paschatap’ has been released. Singer Anjana Gurung sings in this song, the music video of the song directed and written by composer Santosh Shrestha and lyricist and director Madhav Nirdosh has been released.

The song was released through Micro TV Nepal YouTube channel in the middle of a ceremony on Wednesday 25th,Shrawan with the participation of Madhav Nirdosh, model Bikash Lamichhane and Sandipa Bata Shrestha.

Speaking at the ceremony, lyricist Madhav Nirdosh says, “This song is a sad song, but it ended in a coincidence.” Listening is very good and acting is also good. It tries to show the ups and downs of losing a trusted character.”

Similarly, model Bikash Lamichhane says, “This song is a song based on sadness. Listening to the song is a good experience.” He requested everyone to love this song through the program.

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