Monthly Remittances Are Over 1 Billion

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In the financial year 2079/80, monthly average remittances are over 1 billion. According to the annual data of last year released by Nepal Rastra Bank on Friday, 12 trillion 20 billion remittances have entered Nepal till the end of June. In this year, compared to the previous year, remittances have increased by 21.2 percent.

This year, the number of people going for foreign employment set a record. Accordingly, there has been an increase in the number of Nepalis sending money to the country through legal channels. The remittance inflow in US dollars increased by 12.1 percent to 9.33 billion. In the previous year, this growth rate was 2.2 percent.

Last year, the number of those who took the final work permit was 4 lakh 97 thousand 704 and the number of those who got the work permit again was 2 lakh 77 thousand 272. The number of new labor permits is 40.3 percent more than the previous year. The number of re-takers of work permits is 1.8 percent less.

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