More than 14 lakhs Smart Card License is Yet to Printed

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Even if the card comes within a week, it will take a month to complete the process and distribute the license
It takes 322 days to print 14 lakh 19 thousand 3 hundred 7 cards if we work on holidays as well. Because the current machine has a printing capacity of 4400 per day.

Despite completing the process, 14 lakh 19 thousand service users have not received driver’s license for one and a half years. Those who have completed the process are now forced to walk away with the revenue receipt. The number of people who completed the process for renewal and new license is 14 lakh 19 thousand 3 hundred 7. If you work even on holidays, it takes 322 days to print these cards.

There is no card since seven months and license printing is stopped. The department provides licenses for higher education studies, foreign employment, UN peacekeeping, army, police, etc. only if they are essential. The balance of the card is also 52 thousand. In the case of other service users, there is no option to carry the receipt of revenue payment.

Now there is demand for more than 3000 cards per day. The department prints the license and sends it to the transport office under the province. According to the department, the printing was affected when the German company Mühlbauer ID Service GmbH did not deliver the cards on time. The said company has taken the card supply contract for 198.8 million 14 thousand rupees. The company has not yet provided the card even though there is a contract agreement to provide it within May. Uddhav Rizal, director general of the department, said that legal action will be taken according to the agreement if the card is not brought even now.

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