‘Nandini Organic’ brand beauty products now in Nepal

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Kathmandu, Common Nepali beauty treatment consumers are very concerned about the harmful chemicals used on their skin through various brands of cosmetic products. According to the latest report, there is an increase in the entry of low-quality and fake beauty products in Nepal. By using fake products, consumers are being cheated by the materials used for beauty and the number of skin diseases is increasing day by day due to the use of such materials. Such materials are having various negative effects on health, while the financial burden has also increased.

Well, now the days of Nepali common consumers worrying about such problems are gone. Keeping in mind the impact of such products used for beauty, the best brands of Nandini Horval Care Pvt. Ltd., which has been organically producing and exporting various beauty products that are 100% natural and have no side effects for a long time, have entered Nepal.

The organic beauty products of Nandini Organic brand, which are being exported to around 45 countries including Dubai, Qatar, Thailand, New Zealand, Oman, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc. from the headquarters in Gujarat, India, have officially entered Nepal. Recently, the demand for organic products, be it food or other items, has increased rapidly. According to the demand of the market, Hitesh Limbani, the managing director of Nandini Herbal India, a producer of the company, which is going to sell and distribute many organic beauty products including sun screen, moisturizer, face wash, day cream, night cream, essential oil, etc., informed that in Nepal. According to him, due to the trust of Indian beauty products among Nepali consumers, after long research, seeing that our organic beauty products can be easily marketed, Nandini organic brand beauty products have been introduced in Nepal. With a clear mission to provide Nepali customers with world-class beauty care products, Limbani says he put his sweat and effort into bringing such products to Nepal.

The best beauty products of Nandini Organic brand are easily available in various outlets, distributors, beauty parlors, salons, medical stores and other mart shopping malls in Nepal. The company, which is 100% committed to quality, has been selling and distributing the best beauty products of N Plus Professional and La Reverie brands in the Nepali market for about 3 years. Country Manager Sharma says that the demand for Nplus Professional and La Reverie products, which are the first choice of most unisex salons, parlors and beauticians in Nepal, is increasing. We are sure that Nandini Harwal, which is one of the best among the famous brands of beauty products in India, will get a good market in Nepal as well, he says.

Miss Nepal-2000 Usha Khadgi and social activist Bhim Upadhyay jointly launched the official sales distribution of the products in a press conference held in the capital to inform about the Nandini Organic brand. The personalities present at the program held at Hotel Grand said that they are confident that the brand of Nandini Organic will have a good market in Nepal and will be chosen by beauty connoisseurs.
Miss Nepal Khadgi has worked as an ambassador of various brands and has been using various branded products, but when she got information about such organic beauty brands for the first time, she said that this product will get a good market in Nepal. Communicator Sonit Raj Dhungel moderated the program which was facilitated by communicator Raj Luitel. 2 dozen dealers of the said company were also present in the event.

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