Nepal Won Though Loss With India

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When Nepal started batting against India in the Asia Cup cricket on Monday, a presenter asked his colleague in a live television broadcast, “How many overs will the Nepali team last?” 25 or 30? Another host replied with a smile, ’25 overs at most.’

Perhaps because Nepal had lost to Pakistan by a huge margin in the previous match, their outlook on the Nepali team was poor. But the Nepali cricket team lasted for 48.2 overs and achieved a comfortable victory against their initial expectations.

India won the match between Nepal and India, which was canceled due to rain. However, the Nepali team managed to give a lot of moments as a gift to the fans who did not lose to India.

After winning the toss and inviting Nepal to bat, the Indian team may have thought that they would get Nepal out soon and get a winning goal soon, and get rid of the problem of rain. But this dream of the Indian team did not come true.

The Indian team has to face a target of 231 runs which is much more than they expected. This is a great moment that the emerging Nepali team has not lost.

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