Patient Dies in Bajura After Helicopter Unreachable Due to Bad Weather

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One patient referred to Kolti Primary Health Center in Bajura has died.

Dr. Prateek Neupane, head of the office, said that Virkhalal Karki of Mugu, who was referred due to complications of high blood pressure, died at the health center.

Karki was referred to a hospital with city scan facilities in Nepalgunj or Dhangadhi for further treatment. And relatives were waiting for the ship to take 60-year-old Karki for treatment.

After the roads of Martadi Kolti and Karnali Corridor were blocked due to rain, relatives chose the alternative. However, after the referred air did not arrive even after two days, the relatives tried to stop the helicopter as well.

As the road was not possible, the air did not come even after waiting and even the helicopter did not come due to the weather, so he died at the primary health center of Karki.

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