Rabi Lamichhane Criticizes Home Minister Shrestha

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Ravi Lamichhane, Chairman of Rashtriya Swatantra Party (RASWPA), has criticized the Home Minister. Lamichhane, who is also a former Home Minister, said that Narayankaji, who once practiced the politics of faith, has turned into a person who covets the highest position in the state order committee meeting called to discuss the Child Kumari incident. He said, “Home Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha was no longer the one who practiced the politics of faith.” Whose politics would be taken as an example by future generations.

He claims that the Home Minister transferred the police officers who investigated the fake Bhutanese refugee case and did not allow the police to work properly in the gold case. Raswap Chairman Lamichhane further said, ‘It is because of your intention to protect people that the police has come to a situation where you do not listen to your words.’

He claims that the Bal Kumari incident that happened last Friday is a continuation of the same. Lamichhane said that the state killed two youths who said they would go abroad and do something.

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