Ram Bahadur Bamjan Jailed For 10 Years

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Ram Bahadur Bomjan, who claims to be an ascetic, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison by District Court Sarlahi for the crime of child sexual abuse.


The bench of District Court, Sarlahi Judge Jeevan Kumar Bhandari on Monday ordered him to be imprisoned for 10 years and to pay compensation of Rs 5 lakh to the victim.


Earlier, on 10th of June last, Bhandari’s court had found the ascetic Bamjan guilty. Today’s bench has made a complete decision. District Public Prosecutor’s Office Malangwa filed a charge sheet against the accused Bamjan with a demand of 12 to 14 years imprisonment and compensation to the victim’s family.


Bamjan is currently in Mahaettari Jail, Jaleshwar after the bench of Sarlahi District Court Judge Bishnu Prasad Regmi gave an order to send him to jail for preliminary investigation.

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