River Level Rises of Soptakoshi, 33 Doors Opened

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The water level in Saptakosi river is increasing again. 33 out of 56 gates have been opened after the water flow increased. Out of the 29 gates of the barrage, four more were opened this afternoon. The Kosi Barrage Control Room has informed that according to the measurement of this afternoon, the flow of water has reached 225,350 cusecs per second.

The Department of Water and Meteorology has informed that due to continuous rain in the catchment area, the water level in the tributaries along with Saptakosi has also increased. According to the department’s flood forecasting division, the water level is rising in Saptakosi River. Similarly, the water level in Tamor, Sunkosi and Arun is also increasing, the department has informed. At 12 noon, 200,200,475 cusecs of water was flowing through the Kosi barrage at a rate per second.

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