Sameera Reddy Exposes Dark Side of Bollywood

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Sameera Reddy in a conversation with mid-day revealed, “I think there was a crazy phase about 10 years ago where everybody was getting plastic surgery, b**b job, change nose or bone structure. I had to always pad my chest and was told to get a b**b job done. Many times, I would think, ‘Should I? Is this the norm?’ because it was so openly spoken about and as an actor I questioned if I had to do it. But I didn’t and I am so grateful to God I didn’t because today I wouldn’t have been comfortable about it.”

She continued, “There are many people who choose corrective surgery and it is their choice. If it makes them happy, I say live and let live, who are we to judge.”

Well, Sameera Reddy has come a long way and we’re truly proud of her.

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