Senior beautician Sushma Mahara has been elected as the FNCCI, Kathmandu

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Kathmandu. Entrepreneur and senior beautician Sushma Mahara has been elected as the secretary of FNCCI, Kathmandu.

Mahara, the managing director of Facial House, has previously worked as the treasurer of the association.

In the nomination under the election process of the association which started on Monday, all the positions including the chairman were elected unopposed.

It is as follows: Dinesh Shrestha as Chairman, Ramanath Shrestha as Vice-Chairman, Rajendra Sherchan, Jai Sivakoti, Durgaraj Shrestha as General Secretary, Sushma Mahara as Secretary, Pradipman Pradhan as Treasurer and Naniraj Ghimire as Co-Treasurer. Sangraula, Deepak Bhandari, Shishir Gautam, Deepak Bhandari, Mahendra Goyal, Sadish Shrestha and Ujwawaljung Parakram Shah were elected unopposed.

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