Singer Sitaram Pokharel’s new song ‘Pahadko Thumko’(Video)

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Kathmandu. Singer Sitaram Pokharel’s new song ‘Pahadko Thumko’, who has traveled three decades in the Nepali music industry, has been released. This music video released on the occasion of Dashain is Pokharel’s 27th music video.
In the video, singer Pokharel has a romance with actress Anu Shah. The video tries to show the romantic love story of Sitaram and Anu.

The video directed by Saman Adhikari was shot in the most scenic places of Mustang district such as Jomsom, Marfa, Upper Mustang, Chusang etc. Anil Katwal shot and edited the video.

The song with lyrics by Rupak Banwasi and music by Raj Sagar was released through Azrescue Creation’s YouTube channel. Pokharel, who makes quality music videos of his songs, is confident that the audience will like this song as well.

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