Special honor to social activist Ranjita Gurung in Colombo

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Colombo. The second Global Tourism Conference has been grandly completed in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. Social worker Ranjita Gurung was given the honor in a grand ceremony held at Hotel Zest Metropole in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. Gurung, who has been active in social service for more than a decade, was jointly honored by Nepali Ambassador to Sri Lanka Vasudev Mishra, Sahodarathweya Piyasthahan Foundation Sri Lankan Head Danuska Jayasinghe and tourism businessman and Esna Holidays Chief Nishanath Perera.

Gurung, who is also the founding president of Ranjita Foundation, has been supporting the education of helpless children and has been building and handing over houses in many places for those who have been affected by landslides in Terai. According to the organizing committee, the honor was given to Gurung, a social worker who has been providing protection to many children without families, in recognition of her contribution to the country through social service. Sri Lankan tourism businessmen and social workers were also present in the program organized for the promotion of tourism in Nepal.

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