The politics of power coalition this November 20th

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– Dr. DR Upadhyay,

Kathmandu, Election dates for the federal and provincial assemblies have been announced. With the announcement of the election date, various political parties have started to focus on the election. If we talk about the current date, the ruling coalition parties are talking about going to the elections together in the federal and state assembly elections. What they want is to weaken the UML as soon as possible and after the elections, they will go back to the government together and eat together. In democracy, parties have to compete alone, what is the meaning of fighting elections together?

This will only lead to political instability. When trying to weaken the CPN-UML, isn’t the country’s politics going towards instability? This question will be raised seriously tomorrow. Those who have been in power for a long time have not been able to shape the future of the country. Common Nepali people are also looking for alternatives. The old parties could not build the country despite having the opportunity. Since a long time, a kind of dissension is being created in the people. Today we are seeing that the thing called election is becoming costly and expensive. This matter was also raised in the parliament. Leaders without money are not able to dare to become candidates.

The cornerstones of democracy are periodic elections, independent judiciary, legislature-parliament and active executive. The alternative to democracy is democracy itself. Democracy can become weak when parties deteriorate. The parties should be able to convince the people. Only then can the system become stronger. No one should run away from elections in a democracy. Everyone who believes in democracy should participate in elections. In order to elect good representatives, common citizens should vote only with understanding. Youth and women who are capable, educated and can take leadership should be promoted in provincial and federal elections. The tradition of political parties to give only assurances to the people during elections is causing losses to the parties.

It is a habit of our political parties and leaders not to make promises after winning the election. This is not good at all, you should only give an assurance that you can complete it. Giving whatever assurances you want to draw votes in your favor is a loss of people’s trust. All political parties and their leaders need to be aware of this. Now, none of the leaders thought that the people will vote based on the speech as in the past. Today’s people have become more aware. Now people are looking for results, not loan guarantees. Now the political parties should be able to go to the elections with the results. Despite going to the government time and time again, the major parties are not able to do anything.

People are only disappointed. The price has increased. Young people are not able to get jobs. Even the Nepali Congress is not able to dare to contest elections alone. Maoists and CPN United Samajwadi Party are not able to go to the elections alone and are trying to preserve the alliance. The Election Commission has responded that it is ready to hold the election as per the decision made by the government. After the government’s decision, some kind of confusion about the elections has been removed. Now the attention of the whole country is sure to be focused on the elections. It is more likely that the ruling coalition will continue in the elections. This is an alliance against CPN-UML. In the previous election, there was an alliance against the Congress. But nothing is impossible in politics. It is not possible to say when what will happen.

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