The Wealth & Will of Queen Elizabeth II to Remain Secret

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The wealth of Queen Elizabeth II, often referred to as one of the wealthiest women in the world, has remained secret and so will her last will and testament specifying how her wealth will be distributed after her death in Scotland on Thursday.

The British monarchy as a brand was valued at around USD 88 billion in 2017 by valuation consultancy firm Brand Finance, with the Queen’s personal wealth from investments, art, jewels and real estate estimated by ‘Forbes’ to be worth around USD 500 million.

Historically, the wills of the sovereign have remained private along with other members of the royal family.

‘The Sunday Times Rich List’ calculated the late Queen’s wealth at 340 million pounds in 2015, with the major source of a British sovereign’s personal money being the Duchy of Lancaster.

It is the sovereign’s private estate, existing purely to give the reigning monarch an income: in the financial year ending March 31 it was valued at about 652 million pounds and generated a net surplus of 24 million pounds.

According to ‘The Times’, as it is an inalienable asset of the Crown, it would not even appear in the Queen’s will and simply passed from sovereign to sovereign, without any tax being paid.

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