Tripti Dimri Opens About Her Intimate Scene with Ranbir Kapoor in Animal

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In a recent interview, the Laila Majnu actress opened up on filming that particular scene and said that the rape scenes that she did in Bulbbul were more challenging to her as a person. She also added that only four persons were available on the set when her intimate scene with Ranbir’s character Ranvijay was being shot in Animal.

When she was asked about how she prepared herself for the much talked about scene, Triptii told ETimes, “I think the rape scenes that I did in Bulbbul were more challenging to me as a person because you are just giving up, and giving up is more difficult than finding courage to do something. If I can overcome that, then I think this was nothing in comparison to that (her scenes in Bulbbul).”

“The scene is getting a lot of criticism as well and it did disturb me initially because I am someone who has hardly faced criticism with my first few films, this time it was a mixture of both. As long as I am comfortable, as long as people around me on set are making me comfortable and as long as I know whatever I am doing is right, I am going to do it because that is something I want to experience as an actor and as a human being”, she added.


Triptii also shared how she was made comfortable while shooting the intimate sequence as she stated, “On set, there are literally four people that day – me, Ranbir, Sandeep sir and the DOP (director of photography). Every five minutes they were asking me ‘Are you okay? Is that something you want? Are you comfortable?’. When people around you are givin you that much support, you don’t feel odd at all. Of course, the people who don’t know how a set works and how these scenes are shot, for them imagination can take you anywhere. For them, it must be shockig and everybody is entitled to their opinion but as for me, I was very comfortable and I would always do what my character demands of me.”

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