UK Man Ordered Laptop from Amazon But Got This, Check Out

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A man from the UK was horrified after ordering a 500 pounds laptop on Amazon- and receiving multiple boxes of Cereals instead.

Adam Yearsley ordered the expensive HP ProBook from the online retail outlet to treat himself. But when his purchase arrived, Mr Yearsley was stunned to find the biscuit cereal instead. The 40-year-old man from Urmston, Greater Manchester believes he had been a victim of scam.


He took to Twitter to share his story. Mr Yearsley wrote, “Just want to warn everyone of my bad experience with Amazon. I purchased a 500 pounds HP laptop this week and when I received the parcel and opened it. There was no laptop! There was instead a packet of 24 Weetabix and a packet of 12 Weetabix sellotaped together.”

Amazon has resolved the issue and apologised to Mr Yearsley. In a statement, Amazon said, “We’ve contacted the customer directly, apologised and refunded in full.”

Mr Yearsley told BBC that he had since re-ordered from another seller. “I’ve never had an issue before but honestly when I got the parcel I did think this feels a bit light to be a laptop. I thought, well, I trust this company, maybe laptops are more lightweight nowadays.”


Adding, “When I took off the cardboard packaging and saw Weetabix I was stunned. I thought maybe my partner ordered this as he sometimes goes on diets, but then I remembered I’d just done all the security checks with the driver.”

Mr Yearsley told the media outlet that he was able to take the saga in good humour once his refund was secured. “People at work have been having a laugh with me”, he said.


He joked about receiving multiple Weetabix, he said that he had been keeping well by “eating lots of Weetabix”.

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