We Have Clear Goal of Destroying Hamas: Netanyahu

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Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Israel is in the midst of war with the goal of destroying the military and governing capabilities of Hamas. He noted that Israel is doing this “systematically.”

At the start of the Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said, “We are in the midst of the war. We have set the clear goal of destroying Hamas’s military and governing capabilities. We are doing this systematically,” according to the statement posted by Israel Prime Minister’s Office on X.


Netanyahu said that Israel Defence Forces has expanded its ground incursion in the Gaza Strip. He said, “The first blocking stage is over. The 2nd stage, pounding them from the air is continuing all the time. The 3rd stage – the IDF has expanded its ground incursion inside the Gaza Strip. It is doing so in measured, very powerful, steps making methodical, step-by-step progress.”

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