Why is Dua Lipa facing legal trouble?

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Why is Dua Lipa facing legal trouble over alleged copyright infringement on song levitating?

Musicians Bosco Kante has filed a lawsuit against Lipa and Warner Music Group, claiming that the singer used his talk box in her remixes of Levitating without permission. The talk box is a device that makes your voice sound like a musical instrument. Bosko is asking for more than $20 million in damages.

The lawsuit also claims that she used the work without authorisation on other records, including a remix of The Blessed Madonna featuring Madonna and Missy Elliott, another remix featuring DaBaby and a live performance of Lipa at the AMAs.

In June 2021, Reuters reported that a court case brought forward by the reggae group Artikal Sound System had been dismissed, and a separate claim was still pending against the singer, brought forward by songwriter Sandy Linzer and songwriter L. Russell Brown.

The popular singer was also sued in 2021 for allegedly posting an unauthorized paparazzi photograph of herself on her Instagram.

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