Why You Should Replace Your Razer Blade in Time ?

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How soon should you replace your razor? According to experts, you should do so after using it three to seven times.

If you use a razor with one blade, you should change them even more often. If you notice that the blade no longer glides smoothly over your skin and feels blunt or if you see rust, then you should replace it immediately,” says dermatologist Debra Jaliman.

These are the things that can happen if you don’t change your razor on time:

1. More chance of infections
Especially if you have easily irritated or sensitive skin, an old razor is a big no-no. You may not be able to see the tiny scars on your skin, but they’re really there. This allows infections to enter the body more easily.

2. Lumps on your legs
When you go down your legs with a blunt razor, you increase the chances of getting your skin infected. Especially the area around the hair follicles is affected, increasing the likelihood of bumps. This can be not only unsightly but also painful. If you then go over it again with your blunt razor, it can cause ugly scars. Don’t want that!

3. Greater chance of cuts
You might say that a super sharp, new razor can actually cause you to cut yourself, but a blunt knife is just as bad. Because it no longer glides well down your legs, you’re more likely to press harder, which can open up your skin more quickly.

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