World record holder Dr. DR Upadhyaya’s Eight unique creations released

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Kathmandu. World record songwriter and novelist Dr. DR Upadhyay has released eight unique creations. Record holder Dr. Upadhyay made the creations public in a press conference in Kathmandu on Friday.

Dr. Chudamani Devkota, former president of Songwriters Association, Radheshyam Lekali, president of Literary Journalists Association, novelist and musician Santosh Shrestha and singer and composer Sagar Adhikari ‘Sharad’, etc. Upadhyay’s unique creations were made public. Among the publicized creations are 24 and 36 inch song book ‘Alookik’, 12 and 8 mosaic logo of DR Music and Creation, 200 songs on chessboard and song book ‘Aparimit’ with one line English and one line Nepali.

Similarly, there are lyrics containing the names of different digital cameras of the world, lyrics containing the names of brass bands of the world, lyrics of nine wind instruments and lyrics containing the names of famous animated films of the world. In the course of doing some of his unique work, these creations were born. Upadhyay said.

Dr. Upadhyay has held 132 world records in various categories. Similarly, more than a dozen of his novels, three song books and 36 albums have been published. Hundreds of videos of Upadhyay’s songs, who released around 250 songs, are also available. Answering the questions raised by journalists in the program, Dr. Upadhyay informed that his number of world records will reach 151.

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