World record lyricist Dr. Upadhyay’s 13 songs and poems in different styles are published

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Kathmandu. World record songwriter Dr. DR Upadhyay has published his 13 song poems of different styles and a creation in a different style. Dr. holding a press conference in the capital on Saturday. Upadhyaya has published 13 songs and poems in different styles and one composition in a different style.

Lyricist and writer Upadhyay, who has previously set world records in 110 different genres with the Guinness Book of World Records, said that the aim is to include the song poetry and creations of different styles in various world records.

This time, he published 150 of his songs on the Global Map and published 13 poems of different styles. The lyrics published by him include the names of 115 music magazines around the world, the names of the world’s astronauts who stepped into space, the names of the world’s social holidays, the world’s best-selling music albums, the names of Grammy Award-winning artists, the names of the world’s famous bells, and the world’s well-known poets and songwriters. Names and their creations included Titles with more than a billion views on YouTube Names of Grammy Award-winning couples Names of most followed artists on Instagram and descriptions of their songs Names of 68 aircraft that have flown thousands of millions of passengers around the world Names of cancer survivors There are poems based on the names of famous personalities and alphabetically from English letters ‘A’ to ‘Z’. He claimed that this is the first time that a lyric poem with such a title and content has not been published before. During that time, he recited his poems.

Similarly, the media persons present Dr. He inquired about Upadhyay’s various world records. Dr. Upadhyay, while answering the questions raised by the journalists, insisted that his work is to introduce Nepal to the world. He said that he prepared this song and poem after 6 months.

Journalist Tulsi Giri ‘Bhabuk’, Singer and Musician Sagar Adhikari ‘Sharad’, Milap Foundation President and Former Vice President of Film journalist Association Geeta Adhikari, Director Michael Chand, Ramesh Thapa of Youth Creation, Lyricist and Director Ganesh Subedi, President of Literary Journalists Association and Literary writer Radheshyam Lekali, outgoing president of the Lyricist Association Chudamani Devkota, Vice President of the Lyricist Association Vasant Vityasi Thapa and other personalities were in attendance. They Dr. He said that Upadhyaya’s work has made Nepal known to the world.

He is also preparing to include thirteen different styles of poetry in the world record in a few days. He is the first Nepali creator who has set many world records by creating songs, music and literature.

Record Dr. Hundreds of songs from Upadhyaya’s 30 albums are among listeners/viewers. Similarly, his ‘Thunderbolts’, ‘Yagi’, ‘Bhakyachakra’, ‘Unholy Shadows’, ‘Swarthi’, ‘Bituli’, ‘Athirikt’, ‘Dagabaaz’, ‘Unfinished Prem’, ‘Queen of Dreams’, ‘Coffee Love’ And 14 novels like ‘Mary Priya’, ‘Virus Love’, ‘Kasur’ have come to readers. He informed that the new novel will be released soon.

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