World record songwriter Dr. Upadhyaya’s ‘Slesha’ album released on Indrasarovar

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On Saturday morning, a different scene than usual was seen at Indrasarowar, a picturesque lake located in Kulekhani. Twenty-five to thirty people in five boats were holding a program with banners. Since such a scene was not seen in this place before, it was viewed with curiosity. The reference was world record lyricist Dr. Release of DR Upadhyay’s album ‘Slesha’.

Dr. Chundamani Devkota, current president of the Songwriters Association, hosted Dr. Upadhyay’s album has been released. ‘Slesha’, a collection of songs in the same musical scale F major, was composed by record composer and novelist Santosh Shrestha, singer and composer Sagar Adhikari ‘Sharad’, director Michael Chand, journalist and President of Milap Foundation Geeta Adhikari, Sunita Khanal, Dr. It was released by Subhechha Thapa, Surendra Thapa, Yama Bahadur, Uddhav Khadka, Milan Bhandari, Dinesh Sharma, Amar Thapa and others.

Songwriter Dr. Upadhyaya said that he presents his creations in a different way every time and also publicizes them in a different way, so this album was also released sitting on water. Similarly, the chief guest and other guests Dr. Congratulating and wishing Upadhyay, he made his statement. It is said that this is probably the first release of albumen on water.

I put it in the album of life, my chulbule chulbule, child’s head, come, don’t come, in chobandi choli, in the beautiful night, in the June light, any of the creation, you come in your dreams, simple way, immortal around the world, let’s plant trees, mind mast mast, thank you thank you, don’t take a look, when There are 26 songs collected such as Nazarko, Dashain Tihar, Bhi Manama, Jhimjhim Pareli, Anyaman Manai, Ihi Bacha, Chawana Ma Timrai, Chautaririm Kadi Sweet, Uyamanima Sangaler, Jawanima Perth Paila and Ganser Preeti.

Similarly, the songs in the album include Sagar Adhikari, Asmita Adhikari, Prasna Pandey, Manoj Raj, Melina Rai, Suresh Lama, Ramchandra Kafle, Milan Newar, Anand Karki, Nisha Deshar, Shashi Rawal, Deepak Limbu, Dr. Singers like DR Upadhyay, Anu Chaudhary, Santosh Shrestha, Vishnu Bhatt, Vijay Pariyar, Shrinkhala Joshi, Yogesh Kazi, Yama Baral, Suruchi Panthi, Krishnabhakta Rai, Kabita Shiwakoti, Sapana Adhikari, Prabin Bedwal, Gyanu Rana have given their voice.

Dr. who has 110 world records in music and various genres. Upadhyaya’s 14 novels have come to the readers and hundreds of songs of different styles have come to the listeners/viewers. His latest novel ‘Kashur’ was released some time ago.

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