Zendaya Rejected Marriage Proposal from Tom Holland

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Just a few days ago, UsWeekly reported that popular British actor Tom Holland was formally engaged to talented American actress Zendaya. Of course, the news was received with much love among fans of both artists, who support the relationship with a lot of passion.

According to reports, the idea was carried out by the Spider-Man star, but although it was confirmed that he did ask Zendaya to marry him, the results were not as expected by the actor. According to an insider who works for Holland, he organized an intimate dinner party to make the proposal to his girlfriend.

Although, Zendaya appreciated all the effort that the 26 year old made, at the time of the marriage proposal, she took a really mature attitude and very cautiously explained to Holland that among her short-term plans is not to get married, in other words, Zendaya rejected the marriage proposal.

According to the source, Tom felt a little sad but knew how to take the decision, considering that according to his own statements, the actor wants to get married very soon and start a family with the love of his life. Apparently, he won’t give up so easily and will be much more patient until Zendaya is ready to get married.

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