Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

A 20 years old boy lost his life due to inter caste love. The boy from Jajarkot  with his two friends were found dead in Bheri river. Jajarkot’s boy named Nawaraj Bika has lost his life for being a low caste and daring inter caste marriage. Her mother is almost unconscious after finding his son dead at the bank of river. His two friends also lost thier life who went in support of him. Nawaraj lost life when he went to take his bride.

20 years old Nawaraj Biswakarma from Jajarkot’s Bheri Municipality-4 went to take his bride 17  years old Sushma Malla Thakuri  from West Rukum Chaurjahari- Municipality-7. He went with his 19 friends in girls hometown. The situation became different when they went there. When they reached there, the girl’s mother saw Nawaraj first and said ‘You came again, today we will not leave you alive’ as per Nawaraj’ survived friend Ashish Bika. She called the villagers and they started beating Nawaraj and pelting stones on all of them. Villagers make all ran away towards bheri river. Due to extreme beating Nawaraj could not swim in the river and he was dead with his two friends, Three of his friends are still missing,

They were in love from 3 years. Nwaraj’s parents many times convinced them not to take the relationship because they were low caste people. Now he have to pay his life for loving of high caste girl.

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