Dr.Renu Sharma Working As Front Liner, Announce to Help in Lockdown from Her Salary

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The rising corona cases and deaths by corona virus has badly affected the country in different way. The health workers have given their fullest to save people’s life by performing over time duties wearing masks and PPE suites all the time.  Everyone knows the difference of sitting in home in this lockdown and working for COVID suffered patients day and night. Health workers has not taken their duty as a job but a aim to get rid from the dangerous situation of corona virus. The hard work done by the health workers in this pandemic is really praise able.

In this pandemic health workers has proven to be life savers doing the full hard work along with that a doctor named Renu Sharma from Nepalgunj Medical College has announced to donate her full salary towards corona related patients who cannot cover the health expenses.

The fact is true that Dr. Renu Sharma daughter of Prem Sharma and Meena Sharma of Surkhet – 06, is working day and night for COVID patients and also has announced to donate her full salary to others who is effected in this pandemic in different way, that she get from her hard working.

We had a conversation with Dr.Renu Sharma on this topic,

Q. Working as a health worker, you are giving your day and night for COVID treatments, Along with this you   announced to donate your full salary and help others , What’s the main reason behind it ?

A: Yes, working for health service is the main, after that also if I can help someone in this pandemic then it will be a   great relief for someone who is hit hard by the pandemic. Many people are getting hard to operate the daily life. So I  decided to manage food and groceries in the lockdown period to physically disabled people residing in Birendranagar 06.

Q. The District Administrative Office has announced the lockdown till May 29 which is only 4 days from today which means the help is only till the lockdown date (i.e. 4 days from now) as you said ?

A: Lockdown may extend or not the authorities will decide but my plan is not to make over a date, people life wont be easy if the next from the lockdown opens, the effect is longer thus I have decided to help till the people wont manage for the food which may go for long time.

Q. Have you got and direct and indirect help from any other people or source in this self campaign ?

A: Yes, I have got the help, the help is from my father Prem Sharma. Professionally he is a businessman and is also involved in film sector. If the lockdown extends and people will need more help then my salary will not be enough to cover the help then I will take the help of Alina Tile Marble to continue the campaign.

Renu Sharma’s Saying;

In this pandemic situation, the country needs everyone’s help. Lets everyone help anyone who needs in which way we can. Its not that only monetized help is considered to help the needy there are many ways. If we can do something then its really great if we cannot at least we can share it. For example, if some need plasma transplant and by our post sharing in social media or anywhere else directly may get help Not only blaming the government we also need to see what we have done from our side. This is the time when we all citizens need to unite and contribute what we can for our nation. At last I will say stay safe and stay healthy, lets beat the pandemic uniting together.