Actress Sandhya KC Gets Married

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Actress Sandhya KC gets married with Abhusan Jyoti Kansakar. She has shared the news through social media (Facebook and Instagram). She mentioned happiness becomes more when it is shared.

Due to situations created from pandemic, she said she has not done the marriage with rituals and functions. She has married in legal way, she said she will do it when the situation becomes normal.

She said ‘

I had my doubts I remember the first few months of few coffee meets and then this man what I liked about him the most is his compassion, his vision, his knowledge and his patience.
I was looking for a partner who would walk hand in hand and share equal amount of responsibility and goals in life. Who had an ambition and knows what hard work can lead to.
And did I get lucky? Yes ofcourse i did 🙂
And the the amount of positivity and love he has bestowed till date I couldn’t say “No”when he proposed me for marriage.
He is so much better than the knights in shining armor I read about in fairy tales. He is more than words on a page. And I am blessed to call him mine… Aabhusan Jyoti kansakar ‘