The participation of the youth in the election is very much needed

Madhyabindu Online

Dr.DR Upadhyay,

Youth representation should be more in local level elections. The youth are the leaders of the country. Today’s youth have read and written. The participation of the youth in the local level elections is very much needed. Young people should be selected for the development of the village. When all the political parties nominate the youth, it means that hope and trust can be instilled in the people.

Today, the people are in a state of despair. The people should not be disappointed. There is a need for enthusiastic and visionary youth to help the people in their happiness and sorrow. Now from old and visionless leaders There can be no development. If the youthful zeal that brings the wave of development can be made the people’s representative, then something will happen. Today, the youth are fleeing abroad without finding employment in the country. Due to lack of youth, the fields are barren. Now there is a need to teach skills to the youth in the village and use them in agriculture. Even so, increasing youth representation at the local level is a necessity today.

All of us voters must take the initiative to win the young candidate. You should not waste your vote by selling money and meat. Voting should be done only after thinking. The people’s representative we voted for is a development lover. To bring the wave of development at the local level. The people’s representatives we have won should not be corrupt. To work day and night in the work of the people. This is what we seek to develop our shifts and wards. There is also a need to increase women’s representation in local elections. Representation of Dalits, Janajatis, minorities etc.

Now it remains to be seen what kind of candidates to field. It remains to be seen how much youth and women are represented. At present, the election campaign is going on all over the country. Those who have money are standing on the election field. Those who do not have money are hesitant to contest elections. This means that the tradition does not establish good culture. If we do not get qualified and capable people’s representatives, we will have great regrets tomorrow.

Do you think now or will you regret tomorrow? This is a matter of our hands. The people’s representative is to be elected for five years. If we have good and qualified people’s representatives elected, the development of our village, our place, our municipality can be transformed in five years. So now is the time to think, not to think after the election. You have to show it by being good, not by being a party bag. Young people, wake up, wake up, now the future of the country is in your hands. If you want to change the face of the country, get up now.

Age and time have sought youth. If the youth retreat, who will build the country? For the development and prosperity of the country, the youth must rise now. Today, the soil of Nepal is looking for youth. Young people who have learned skills by going abroad, return home and make good use of the skills learned there at home.