Actor Pradeep Khadka on Prem Geet 3 Indian Premiere…

Madhyabindu Online

The Nepali movie ‘Prem Geet 3’, which is about to be released in Indian cinemas, is currently being discussed in the Indian media. The press conference of the film, which is being prepared for release in Bharatiya cinema in Hindi language, has been completed in India. Bharatiya Media has covered Prem Geet 3 with good coverage. In the released videos and news, it is clear that Prem Geet 3 has got a good place. Santosh Shen and his team’s efforts to expand the market of Nepali cinema have been seen as honorable.

The posters of ‘Prem Geet 3’ are currently being put up in various places in Mumbai where Bollywood and Hollywood posters are popular. It will play an important role in expanding the Indian market for Nepali films.

Director Santosh Shan, actor Pradeep Khadka and actress Christina Gurung attended the press meet in Mumbai. Reacting to Indian media, actor Khadka says, ‘Nepal and India not only have open borders, we also have open hearts.’ Producer Santosh Shen has said that the film will play a role in finding the market for Nepali films in India.
Zee Music, UFO and Madhu Entertainment will release the film in India. The film will be screened in Nepal and India from October 7th. The film will be released on Amazon Prime eight weeks after its release.