Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

-Dr. DR Upadhyay,

Kathmandu. There was only talk of development, prosperity and good governance. Could not be applied in practice. This is the concern now. All parties should pay attention to nation building. The country cannot remain in this state forever. Now all the political parties need to be serious. A leader’s words and speeches alone cannot make a country. There must be a clear vision, plan and will to lead the country. Today, the problem of unemployment in the country is increasing day by day. Political parties and their leaders need to be more concerned about solving the unemployment problem.

If the unemployment problem is increasing in the country, this will be a big challenge for the parties tomorrow. Unemployment can lead to rebellion. Today, young people are roaming the streets in search of work. The government has not been so serious about these unemployed youth. The government is the guardian of the country. The government should not delay in solving all the problems seen now. The coalition government is becoming unpopular in everything.

The government is keeping its ears on the issue of livelihood. Today, high prices are hurting the people. People with low income sources are finding it difficult to survive in the city market. Expenditure is increasing more than people’s income. Today, the citizens of the country are facing a great economic crisis. Now is the time for everyone to think. Ordinary citizens are reluctant to light stoves due to high cost. Even in the budget speech, the poor people could not be addressed.

Ordinary citizens are dissatisfied. No matter which government comes, it has not been able to solve the problems of the poor people. If you can’t solve people’s problems then why stay in government? Now there are rumors of ministerial manipulation again. The problem cannot be solved by manipulating the minister alone. This politics of self-interest does not serve the interest of the country.

So far, nothing has happened except eating ministers and looting the country. Today, there is only one king in the country, but the condition of the people is the same as it was yesterday. There has been no change in the condition of the people. This is the biggest problem. Politics is a social service, but here business is done in the name of politics.

What kind of country are we trying to build? Where are we going It has been a long time since the change of political system in the country but the country and the people are suffering more today than yesterday. What did the people get out of the system change? Now the political parties and their leaders should be able to answer. The general public is becoming frustrated.

The parties could not do anything to raise hopes. The parties have an archetype towards the people. Why did the people win the recent local elections by believing in an independent candidate? This is the arch of the citizens towards the parties. The parties are immersed in power interests. They have no concern for the people. This will not happen now. The parties have to be honest.

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