Social worker Megh Subedi donates Rs 2.1 million to Nepal Snehi Kaakh

Madhyabindu Online

Lalitpur. Megh Subedi, a social worker living in the United States, has provided 2.1 million rupees for the construction of a hospital in Nepal. Subedi, who has been living in the US for a long time and is active in business as well as social service, has contributed the money for the construction of a hospital to be set up by social worker Shreeneha Pokhrel for free treatment of helpless psychiatric patients. The money has been handed over to the organization during a program organized by Pokharel, who is also an artist, at Nepal Snehi Kaakh in Dhapakhel, Lalitpur.

As social worker Subedi is living in the United States, Nayak Sanjit Bhandari, businessman Hiramani Bhusal and others representing him in his absence handed over the check. Media persons Raj Luitel, social worker Sapna Shrestha, Anshu Bhandari, Dilliram Sigdel and others were present in the program.

Speaking on the occasion, Srineha, founder of social worker Nepal Snehi Kakh, lauded the support of Megh Subedi’s family for the free treatment of helpless psychiatric patients he met on the way and for building a separate hospital for patients deprived of treatment at other hospitals.

Similarly, Sanjit Bhandari, who is also the executive chairman of the Nepal chapter of the Intra National Welfare Foundation of America, said, Saying that there is no need for God, Megh Subedi, Dilli Adhikari and Shrineha Pokhrel are some of the personalities who have done great work for the society.

Social worker Srineha has been rescuing the helpless, poor and miserable people who have been lost on the road for a long time. He has been rescuing the mentally ill since the age of 16 and taking care of them in a building run under his own organization.

Social worker Subedi, who has been making her own diary for the treatment, care and care of the mentally ill who have been stranded on the road without any care from anyone, has been helping her organization.

Not only himself but also his daughter has been dedicating the money collected by deducting her lunch expenses to social service in Nepal. The organization had recently started the process of purchasing land in Badikhel of Lalitpur for the purpose of building a hospital. Pokharel has also appealed for the help of donors as there is lack of funds for land purchase. If the hospital is built, the shortage of psychiatric hospitals in Nepal will be filled and the helpless and untreated psychiatric patients will be easily treated.