Aayush moving forward on the journey of film direction

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Kathmandu. Born 31 years ago in Rukum West, Yagyajung B.K. Aayush is known as BC in the Nepali film industry. Ayush, who started his acting career in the year 2068, has recently been busy with assistant directing. With the experience of working in the big screen movies ‘The Return Hero’, ‘Laati’, ‘Vrindavan’, he has signed a contract for the new movie ‘Saira’. Recently, he has started to be chosen by many directors.

He has also worked as an assistant director in many Bhojpuri movies. The Bhojpuri movies he has worked in are Jai Shambhu, Jaan Kahe Ban Gaylu, One Man Army. He has directed more than a dozen short movies. Talented Yagyajung B.K. (Ayush BC) has also written many songs.

He has also written the story of the web series Nil Kanda and Prembani, Red Zone. He has penned many songs. Many of his songs have been recorded and released. He, who is planning to become a solo director in the future, says that if he has the ability, nothing will stop him. He has understood that both fame and money can be earned by continuing to work in Nepali movies.

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