BLACKPINK‘S Jennie Explains ‘What Its to be an Icon’

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BLACKPINK‘s Jennie was recently featured in Vogue Japan‘s July 2023 edition, in which she models some of Chanel‘s newest runway looks while answering questions about life as a top global star in an exclusive interview.

BLACKPINK has been taking the world by storm. As top stars approaching their seventh anniversary, the group has spent nearly a decade influencing trends in music and fashion as they’ve topped charts, broken and set records, and represented some of fashion’s most prestigious brands.

The four members have solidified themselves as bonafide “it girls,” and BLACKPINK’s Jennie shares that she often feels like she navigates her life in the spotlight as two different people.

Jennie shared a thoughtful answer when asked about her global fame and how she lives up to the hype of being an icon.

[An icon is] someone who clearly has their own opinions and thoughts… to be called an icon you need to have the ability to question people with your own views and perspectives, rather than just giving the answer that everyone accepts or the story that everyone likes.


For Jennie, the key is forging her own path while maintaining her own views and perspectives instead of falling into an image expected of her as a public figure

After describing how she handles the fame, Jennie shared advice for those who want to follow in her footsteps and become an artist themselves.


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