BTS Jungkook Traveled to Qatar Football World Cup with Girlfriend

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Jeon Jungkook became the first K-Pop and Korean artist to perform at the opening of a World Cup, after his visit to Qatar, details of his trip were revealed that drove ARMY crazy. And the fact is, a young lady accompanied the BTS singer and was by his side the whole time.

Can you imagine traveling and being next to Jungkook from BTS? This young Latina managed to fulfill the dream of all ARMY and now she is the envy of many. The singer spent a few days in Qatar before his presentation at the World Cup, as he was one of the artists who sang and recorded the official soundtrack of the cup. Who is Fiorella Otero? The lucky girl revealed how it is to be next to Jungkook and she traveled to Qatar with the idol.

This is how the young Peruvian-born girl described it, she was together with Jungkook of BTS in Qatar, as she is a talented choreographer who participated in Dreamers and revealed her whole experience with the idol. Fiorella Otero explained that she greeted all the dancers as she rehearsed with them. However, the evidence of their encounter cannot be shared due to HYBE rules.

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